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Why 12-Step Programs for Addiction Recovery Need Help

The 12-step program for addiction recovery was introduced in 1935 and many professionals serving patients in recovery swear it is the only path to wellness.  While the twelve-step program has helped many people, the vast majority of people seeking help through this program have failed. Conveniently, the blame for this failure is always placed on the patient instead of the process.

There are very few treatment protocols for any disease beside addiction that have not progressed in the last eight decades and its time for a serious evaluation of the twelve-step program and consider opportunities for improvement. After all, The Center for Disease Control reports that more then 85% of patients relapse after traditional recovery efforts.

We believe that addiction is a complex disease and we know there is no “silver bullet”, however we have witnessed dramatic results when patients begin the recovery process at our suburban Philadelphia clinic. Using a proprietary formula of all natural ingredients delivered intravenously, we have observed a dramatic decrease in withdrawal symptoms and urge to use. These results have been observed in patient’s young and old fighting addiction ranging from opioids and heroin to alcohol. Remarkably, every one of the patients we have seen has previously failed traditional recovery programs. It is nothing short of remarkable to hear these patients report within just a few days of treatment that they are experiencing relief. The physical transformation alone in just the first week has astonished professionals who have spent their careers in mental health and addiction therapy.

Addiction causes all kinds of damage. It damages families, friends, health and careers. The most notable damage is that which occurs in the brain of the patient. Unless this damage is acknowledged and treated, the odds remain high that recovery will fail. The failure is demoralizing for the patient and is only likely to increase the downward spiral. Instead of blaming the treatment, we blame the patient for some kind of moral failure. Can you imagine blaming a cancer patient for chemo not working?  Probably not, yet somehow its acceptable for us to blame the addict for the failure of a twelve step program.

Recovery is a lifelong process and we support traditional therapy and the well-intentioned professionals who are on the front lines of a national epidemic. We simply think there is a more compassionate solution in using NAD IV therapy because it increases the odds of success in recovery. Exploring this holistic alternative is quite literally a matter of life and death.

About BrainSpark Health

BrainSpark Health is the first center on the East Coast to offer NAD IV Therapy, which other clinics have reported to have an impressive success rate and is considered the crown jewel of detox because of its rapid cleanse and restoration therapies. NAD IV Therapy radically repairs cell damage in the brain and the body. The ‘traditional’ methods of treating addiction substitute one drug for another, which is only a quick fix. With NAD IV Therapy, medical professional can repair the brain and help patients lose the cravings and anxiety of their addiction.