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How “Street Opioids” Are Driving The Opioid Crisis In America

Street OpioidsThe fierce battle that is brewing with the Opioid Crisis has been the difference in opinion from lawmakers vs. medical professionals. The only thing everyone can agree on is the fact that it is a systematic problem and is only getting worse. According to a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, there were 42,249 deaths in 2016 related to opioids. This is double than the 21,089 deaths reported in 2010. In this article, we will discuss the difference between prescription drugs and illicit ‘street opioids’ that are causing the increased opioid overdose deaths.

In a recent article from entitled “What’s driving the Opioid Crisis“, author Star Parker highlights on key main philosophical differences between Washington DC  and the Medical Industry. According to a report about opioids by the U.S. Senate’s “Social Capital Project” it’s the oversupply and abuse of legal prescription pain relievers that is the root cause of the problem. However, there is strong pushback from medical professionals.

To reinforce this position, Dr. Sally Satel, a psychiatrist and lecturer at Yale University School of Medicine and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.,  calls this “a false narrative.” In fact, Satel, goes on to say “that only a minority of people who are prescribed opioids for pain become addicted to them, and those who do become addicted and who die from painkiller overdoses tend to obtain these medications  from sources other than their own physicians. Within the past several years, overdose deaths are overwhelmingly attributable not to prescription opioids but to illicit fentanyl and heroin. These ‘street opioids’ have become the engine of the opioid crisis in its current, and most lethal form.”

Star also goes on to say “As policy makers in Washington and in state and local governments attempt to address this opioid crisis, looking to the usual policy tools like government programs and government spending, I think it’s worth considering that what we’re seeing may reflect a spiritual, cultural crisis. There’s a price to be paid when a society forsakes the spiritual for the purely material and when traditional institutions such as marriage and family are abandoned. It could be that as family and marriage break down, the first victims of this abandonment of spirit and tradition are our young men.

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