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Serum of Youth: How NAD+ Can Reverse Aging of the Mind and Body

Over the last few decades, the anti-aging industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar portion of the health and wellness industry. However, very few of the products and services on the market are able to scientifically work to reverse aging of the mind and body. NAD+ therapy is one of the few ways to truly reduce the impacts of aging on a molecular level.

Here are four ways that it can reverse aging in your body and for your mind.

1. It Promotes DNA Repair

Our DNA is protected by a chromosomal shelter, but pollutants, external stimuli, or exposure to dangerous elements can end up damaging it. If you end up with broken DNA strands or have crucial genes suffer mutation, you could speed up the aging process. Diseases like cancer and compromised immune functions are connected to damaged DNA.

When your DNA gets damaged, your body releases enzymes to start working on repairs. While those enzymes are released, your body depletes its supply of NAD+, meaning those crucial enzymes are going to be in short supply. Once that supply dwindles, it’s significantly harder to repair your body’s DNA.

With the help of NAD+ therapy, you can repair damaged DNA and help to prevent the death of cells. Under this amount of stress, there is a high potential for neurodegenerative disease and decreased NAD. When you replace NAD, you end up reducing the severity of aging, extending your lifespan, and lowering the risk of disease.

2. It Gets Important Enzymes Moving

At the cellular level, aging causes a loss of energy. This means that you’ll have a diminished ability to power your body. With inadequate cellular fuel, your body is going to feel weaker and age much faster, meaning the tissue in your body will break down more quickly.

When energy loss happens, the electron transport chain, where we get much of our energy, ends up breaking down. This pathway needs to remain efficient for us to extract energy from food and maintain a healthy weight. Anything from obesity to diabetes could be connected to the loss of this pathway or even a slowed-down functioning of it.

Restoring that electron transport chain with the help of NAD+ improves the function quickly. You’ll end up with more efficient production and consumption of the enzymes you need to keep your energy up. Right down to your cells, you’ll feel a much more youthful function as you fight off age-related diseases.

3. It’s a Neurotransmitter

Inside your brain, there are chemicals called neurotransmitters.  These chemicals help transport signals for day to day functioning, memory recall, and to regulate your mood. The nerve cells in your brain rely on neurotransmitters to receive the signals that tell your body what to do. NAD+ is proven to function as a neurotransmitter.

The body-wide functions that you use day to day require you to have a healthy and smooth function of these transmitters. With the help of an efficient additive like NAD+ to your body, you can increase the fuel you need for communications between your body and your brain.

Test results have shown that these neurotransmitters are present everywhere from intestines to blood vessels. Even the brain functions more smoothly with the aid of NAD+ therapy. When your body has all the NAD that it needs, your brain will function faster, more efficiently, and with less stress than a body that has low levels of the co-enzyme.

4. It Supports Energy Production

The process of getting energy from food and oxygen into our cells requires an exchange of matter inside of our body. NAD+ is an element of the process that takes that food to our cells. It’s considered a sort of “energy currency” that our body uses to provide and produce energy inside the cells.

It’s a functional signaling molecule in most processes related to energy production. When aging impacts our energy production, adding NAD+ to our body can normalize our level of energy. High levels of NAD also activates an element called “sirtuins”, which carry out protective responses to our cells.

When seeking longevity, sirtuins need to act without obstacles to protect cells from stress and to support your metabolism.

Having an abundance of NAD in our bodies is vital to keeping our energy production up. Lower energy only contributes to aging while increasing it slows the process down thereby keeping our mind and brain sharp and efficiently functioning.  When we apply NAD+ therapy, it will bring your cells back to a normal level of production and slow the aging process.

NAD+ Therapy Brings Results You Can Feel

For people suffering from low energy or feel the impacts of the aging process, NAD+ therapy offers a lot of positive benefits. As your body struggles to stay strong and healthy despite the natural aging process, NAD has the ability to repair your cells.

To learn more about what NAD therapy is and how it can help you, check out our detailed guide.