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The Rise Of Opioid Addiction on Philly Area College Campuses

In an “eye-opening” article written by Susan Snyder entitled “At Rutgers, a haven for students in recovery“, the opioid epidemic has stretched its reach into college campuses. Addiction on a college campus is no surprise with the culture of binge drinking surrounding the majority of college parties, but now added into the mix: opioids. Snyder acknowledges this epidemic and writes: “As the opioid crisis has crept onto college campuses nationwide, more schools are starting or exploring the possibility of adding recovery housing for students.”

Addiction is on the rise on college campuses and they have chosen to respond with a college specific recovery program.

In fact, an influx of colleges around the Philadelphia area are already starting to implement recovery programs. According Lisa Laitman, director of the alcohol and other drug assistance program at Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus (interviewed by Snyder) states: “Rutgers was in the forefront when it started the recovery program and opened housing in 1988. Other schools including Pennsylvania State University, have since added programs, but many campuses do not offer dedicated housing or space and staffing. That’s beginning to change. New Jersey is requiring all public universities with at least 25 percent of students living on campus to have recovery housing by fall 2019. The state recently gave grants to several schools, including Rutgers, to start or expand programs. In Pennsylvania, universities, including West Chester, St. Joseph’s, Drexel and Temple, are exploring the possibility.”

In the end, these programs help students stay free from a spectrum of addictive substances from alcohol to marijuana to opioids. The program not only keeps students sober but helps them in their academic career keeping them on the path toward graduation: “More than 90 percent of students who live in the house stay substance free and graduate … Their average GPA is nearly 3.3” Overall these programs have a high success rate in battling addiction in college students.

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