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What is Reiki?

(Pronounced: Ray-Key) Reiki was developed in Japan in the late 1800’s by a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui. The name is translated from Japanese as “Universal Life Force Energy”. “Rei” means Soul, Spirit, Universal Source, and “Ki” refers to Energy and the Breath of Life. Essentially, Reiki renders itself as “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy”. A Reiki Practitioner, while working with the Chakra system, transfers energy to the patient in a gentle, non-invasive “laying of the hands method,” which reduces stress and heightens relaxation.

Benefits of Reiki:

Medical experts acknowledge that many – if not all diseases – manifest from stress. Reiki is incredibly effective in alleviating stress, pain, and tension by inducing relaxation and calming one’s emotions. Historically, it is a simple method of healing that can be linked to recoveries from virtually all illnesses.

Reiki works alongside traditional medical and therapeutic techniques to heal the body and encourage one’s overall wellbeing.

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