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Rebooting: How Brain Restoration Works in NAD Therapy

One of the reasons that people avoid quitting alcohol and drugs is a fundamental misunderstanding of the problems of withdrawal. If you’re considering a major change in your life that involves no longer using drugs or alcohol, NAD therapy is a powerful solution to help quit.

Rather than going into a rehab facility, you can quit with the guidance of a NAD therapist.  They will ensure that your body has everything you need to quit safely.

Here is everything you need to know about using NAD therapy and how it assists people in quitting.

Finding a Clinic

While this type of treatment has been around for less than 20 years, there is an increasing number of clinics popping up around the country. These wellness centers help to treat thousands of patients every year for a wide variety of abuse issues.

While NAD therapy is still new and few people are practicing it, its success has led more people to try it. There will likely be more clinics offering this treatment in the near future.

If you find a clinic, you might have to travel to get the treatment you’re looking for. But its ability to treat tough substance issues is well worth the trip.

Understanding NAD

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the body has trouble producing nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD. This is one of the co-enzymes linked to niacin, which helps to fuel your body by assisting cells in energy production.

Research has shown that people who have low levels of NAD are sometimes more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. People with NAD deficiencies are often found to have other chronic diseases and problems later in their life as well.

When people struggle with addiction to alcohol, NAD can alleviate the symptoms that come with withdrawal. By increasing the NAD in the body, you can reduce cravings and be less likely to relapse.

NAD is administered through an IV under the supervision of a medical professional. Through an IV, the enzymes reach the brain’s opiate receptors. Nutrients hit the brain and help to react with oxygen in the body to create more energy.

Reaction Time Is Quick

NAD treatment is one of the fastest and most effective treatments for dealing with addiction. Many patients report feeling a reaction in just a few hours. It can rebuild strength in the body and improve your mood.

People who receive this treatment report a higher mental clarity and better cognitive function. You’ll notice changes to your cognitive functioning and a more positive state of mind. While it’s hard to quit any substance cold turkey, NAD treatments have been shown to aid in this common practice of quitting substances.

It takes about a week to start feeling your best after an infusion. The treatment offers a jumpstart on recovery that allows people to skip the hardest months. Those first six months are the hardest when trying to quit substances, so if you can quit with the help of NAD, relapse is much less likely.

The Chances of Relapsing

With any treatment program, there’s a potential of relapse. There’s no treatment that has a 100% success rate. But with the help of NAD, it’s possible to lower the chances of relapse. For people with alcohol or opioid problems, it’s recommended to get a booster every few months.

After the initial treatment, therapists might recommend more treatment to strengthen the degree of success.

It takes time to get used to the changes in your body following sobriety but NAD can make the transition easier. It takes years to get over addiction and some people end up dealing with their addiction for the rest of their life. If this treatment succeeds at first, it can lead to sustained success over time.

For people who’ve struggled with other types of rehabilitation, this is a technique that’s come through when other solutions fail. Supplementing this treatment with psychotherapy helps to maintain both the physical and psychological buffers necessary to maintain health.

While events in life may trigger relapse, with these systems in place, you can protect against the issues that lead others to abuse substances. Staying on track is hard but with the help of a strong support network and effective treatment, it’s possible to stay sober for the rest of your life.

NAD Therapy Is a Powerful Solution to Addiction

With the help of NAD therapy, people around the country are finding it easier to quit using addictive substances without relapsing. While it takes some time and commitment to get the most out of the treatment, it’s a proven solution that could be the answer you’re looking for.

If you’re still weighing your options and considering outpatient facilities, check out our guide for more info.