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Patient Testimonial: “I’ve been given a second chance”

We reached out to a recent patient of ours to discuss his time at BrainSpark Health.  Read on to learn more about his experience!
“Where to begin… I owe a great deal of gratitude to the staff at BrainSpark. All very professional, compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable members of the team who truly love what they do and are dedicated toward their clients’ journey towards recovery. I found them all to be deeply committed towards their patients well-being and speedy return to health and normalcy. With many of the staff members having been affected indirectly by addiction in some way, it was easy to understand their level of commitment and passion for what they do.

I’ve been looking to do NAD therapy for almost 2 years before I finally decided to get the treatment started, I waited far too long.

I looked at about 4 different treatment centers before deciding to go with BrainSpark. So why did I choose them? After looking at my options and talking with Ciara, the nurse practitioner & addiction specialist, I felt confident in their care and ability to get me back on track. Ciara was able to answer all my questions and educate me on what the treatment would look like from beginning to end. I didn’t feel like I was being sold anything and the expectations she set were realistic and yet encouraging.

One of the main factors in my decision was the fact that just about all staff members work the entire time you’re their until you’re ready to go home, which is often 10 days. This may seem like overkill but it just showed me how dedicated they all are. And before you start to wonder, this just means they all get a fair amount of time themselves to recover after working that long.

After my first inquiry online, I was contacted and interviewed promptly and follow up calls were adjusted based on my needs and schedule. They were all very flexible and willing to cater to go at my pace and be available via text when questions came. Believe me you won’t have all your questions come to you at once. This was especially nice.

I’m a mid 30’s male father of 3, who works a lot of hours, struggled with Kratom, Alchohol, and Adderall addiction (this time around) and was in serious need of help. I needed a solution that could give me the best chances of recovery in the quickest possible timeframe so I could get back to work.

I didn’t expect it to be as easy as it was.

I’ve gone through [withdrawal] before as many of us have, and it’s a horrific experience. This was different though. I was completely surprised that for me, even those first few days weren’t all that bad. On a scale of 1-10 and a 10 being the worst, I had no more than a 3 during my whole stay. Granted each individual’s detox experience is unique in some way. For me, It was very little pain or discomfort. The biggest issue for me was my restless legs which got better everyday.

Aside from NAD reducing the withdrawal discomfort and the total recovery time, your overall journey towards sobriety simply just doesn’t go away. One will need to work at it and replace old bad habits with good ones. This will be harder or easier for some. However when one is truly ready to start living and start a new, NAD will provide the best chances and tools to get you there. BrainSpark understands this and is committed to helping those who are ready.

I’ve been given a second chance, and I owe that to the staff at BrainSpark.

If you’re sick and tired of being a slave to addiction or having thoughts of getting clean, do yourself a favor, and “Just do it!” Don’t wait two whole years like it did to make the decision. You never know what you’re missing out on until you have.

All the best and good luck!”


If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, out to BrainSpark Health today to learn how we can help on the road to recovery.