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Patient calls NAD IV Therapy “Miracle Drug”

If you are skeptical about the effectiveness of NAD IV Therapy, you aren’t alone. One of our patients wasn’t sure if NAD IV Therapy was worth it. After trying a Suboxone program that didn’t get the results he wanted, his family looked into alternative options. After 4 months on Suboxone, and attempts to get off Suboxone on his own and struggling to eat and sleep, he decided to come to BrainSpark Health to get help. Once coming to BrainSpark, his withdrawal symptoms quickly reduced. By the third day, he was able to get a good nights sleep and have an appetite again. When asked about his experience with NAD IV Therapy at BrainSpark Health, he considers it a “miracle drug” and says he’s clear-headed and believe he finally has a good chance of staying clean.