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As Congress Drops Ball on Opioid Crisis, Philadelphia’s own BrainSpark Health gives addicts HOPE!

The opioid crisis plagues the United States, and our government has yet to implement any substantial action. In this eye-opening article found on Vox, German Lopez details how the Senate’s proposal keeps falling short. So far the Senate has approved – through a unanimous vote – approved the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018; however, many argue that while the bill does offer funding for state’s to implement treatment, it is simply not enough. Lopez writes: “In fact, the bill would not provide a significant increase in spending on the opioid crisis at all — instead leaving the funding work to later appropriations processes in Congress. That fails to address one of the most prominent concerns in the opioid crisis. According to the surgeon general’s 2016 addiction report, only 10 percent of people with a substance use disorder get specialty treatment — which the report attributed in part to poor access to care. Experts say addressing that will require a boost of potentially of tens of billions of dollars a year — which is far more than the $1 billion over two years and $3.3 billion for fiscal year 2018 that Congress allocated before” The people need congress to be bold because the Opioid Crisis needs to be fought with a increase in sustained than funding.

“This goes much further than encouraging better use of prescription drug monitoring programs. It’s about fundamentally changing how health care systems work to mitigate the risk of opioid overdose and addiction at every level and ensure patients have readily available care options — just as we expect patients to be able to go to a hospital and quickly get full care if they have, say, problems with diabetes or heart disease. These kinds of changes would be a lot easier to enact with federal support and guidance. As experts have long told me, there is no silver bullet to the opioid epidemic, but there’s a mix of policies that would help: more treatment (particularly medications like methadone and buprenorphine), more harm reduction (such as better access to naloxone), fewer painkiller prescriptions (while ensuring the drugs are available to those who really need them), and policies that can help address the root cause of addiction (like mental health issues and socioeconomic despair). Implementing all these ideas, however, will require significant, sustained funding and fundamental changes in how the country approaches health care. To accomplish that, Congress needs a broader plan — a strategy that it can gear bills toward, instead of the current scattershot approach it’s taking”

Like any other crisis America has faced, the people need the support of the government behind them. According to all of the negative feedback we are getting, this proposed bill is definitely “not a step in the right direction”. However, at BrainSpark Health we are dedicated to helping those who are struggling with various forms of addiction. Our fundamental principle is to treat the source of the dependency and craving: (ie, the brain). We do this by jump starting it with a chemical spark, combining holistic, alternative medicine and social reprogramming instead of the conventional treatment currently available and proven to have over 85% failure rate. Click here to learn more about our Addiction Recovery Treatment