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Opioid Epidemic Strikes America’s Prison System

Many inmates in the United States prison systems struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, but the nation’s opioid epidemic is being felt behind bars right now, too.

Most prisons do not provide adequate or effective treatment programs for those suffering from addiction, but German Lopez, writing for Vox , has detailed how the prison system has fueled  the opioid epidemic.

“Over the past two months, I reached out to the 50 agencies behind state prison systems, where around 1.3 million people are locked up,” Lopez wrote in an online article in March 2018. “I first asked them if they provided any of the three main medications for opioid addiction — buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone. If so, I followed up to see if there were any restrictions attached. If necessary, I also verified what states said with news reports, state laws and regulations, and local experts or activists. Of the 45 states that sufficiently responded to my initial questions and follow-ups, only Rhode Island reported full access to all three forms of opioid addiction medications.”

Even though inmates have the right to adequate health care the service provided are less than ideal. The negative feelings surrounding the opioid crisis and the treatment of addiction further prohibits inmates from receiving the treatment they need.

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