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what is nad+

A Brain Reboot: What is Nad+ IV Therapy and How Does It Work?

An estimated 11-40% of American adults deal with chronic pain on a daily basis, and another 21.5 million are battling substance addictions.

Unfortunately, the traditional prescription of long-term rehab isn’t an option for everyone. And treatments for chronic pain often require the use of drugs that can be harmful in the long run.

But what if there was a natural, short-term option that didn’t try to combat pain and drug addiction with more drugs?

If a treatment like that sounds good to you, you’re in luck: NAD+ IV injections fit all of those criteria. What’s better, they’ve had great success in treating chronic health conditions.

What is NAD+, and could it work for you?

Keep reading to find out.

What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. It’s a type of molecule called a coenzyme, meaning that it’s needed by certain enzymes in the body to complete their chemical reactions.

NAD comes in two forms: the active form, NAD+, and the inactive form, NADH. Both forms play an important role in energy metabolism.

Your mitochondria—often called “the powerhouse of the cell”—use NAD+ to turn the food you eat into energy. NADH is a natural byproduct of this process.

Because your cells are great at recycling, they can convert NADH to NAD+ (and vice versa). Maintaining the right balance between these two molecules is vital to your health.

As you age, this recycling process becomes less efficient and overall NAD levels decline. Certain chronic health conditions, mental illnesses, and alcohol or drug abuse can also decrease NAD.

When your body doesn’t have enough NAD, energy production becomes much more difficult. You may experience symptoms like chronic pain, fatigue, and decreased mental awareness. You may also take longer to recover from illness and injuries or have increased struggles with addiction.

If you’re fighting chronic pain, alcohol or drug dependency, or both, NAD+ IV therapy may be able to help.

How Does NAD+ IV Therapy Work?

When your body isn’t able to restore its NAD levels naturally, supplementation can come to the rescue. An NAD+ IV treatment uses a saline solution to deliver NAD straight into your bloodstream.

The human body creates NAD by processing the food you eat — namely, foods containing tryptophan and niacin. Unfortunately, some of those necessary compounds get broken down during digestion. As a result, only some of the tryptophan and niacin you eat can be made into NAD.

By injecting a solution of NAD into the bloodstream, your body can skip the digestion process and absorb it directly. This maximizes the amount available for your cells to use right away.

Replenishing your NAD supply with IV treatments makes it easier for your body to restore the natural NAD+/NADH balance.

Though we would benefit from more clinical trials to figure out exactly how NAD therapy works, doctors seem to agree that it does produce positive results.

What are the Benefits of NAD+ Therapy?

NAD injections can be beneficial in a variety of circumstances, but they are especially good at treating alcohol and drug addictions, including chronic pain-related opiate dependency.

A study by Harvard Medicine calls NAD therapy the “crown jewel of detox” due to its high success rates. It seems to not only improve the detox process but actively help to repair damaged brain cells, as well.

And while this treatment is still relatively new, its recipients seem to agree. Some of the more common results include, but are not limited to:

  • Decreased withdrawal symptoms
  • Fewer drug and alcohol cravings
  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased pain
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Improvement in depression and anxiety
  • Increased mental clarity

Patients report up to an 80% decrease in these symptoms after only a few days of injections.

What Can You Expect from NAD Treatment?

The entirety of your treatment will take place under the care of a licensed physician. They will begin by analyzing your situation to determine what exact formula and treatment plan is right for you.

Over a short span of time (usually about 10 days), you will receive a series of daily NAD injections under a doctor’s direction. You can relax while a trained nurse sets you up with an IV drip. Each injection generally takes around eight hours to complete.

It’s important to understand that completing each round of treatment is required to see the desired results. Stopping treatments early won’t allow the full detox process to take place, and your symptoms may remain.

Within 4-8 days, you will likely gain energy, mental clarity, and see a decrease in withdrawal symptoms. Some patients even report withdrawal symptoms diminishing minutes after the treatment begins.

In time, your body will use its new supply of NAD to repair the damage to your cells that was done by chronic illness or drug abuse.

After the injections are complete, be sure to make use of other resources to address the psychological side of addiction. Counseling sessions, group therapy, or support groups can help you stay on track and avoid a potential relapse.

Is NAD Therapy Right for You?

If you struggle with chronic pain, alcohol addiction, or drug abuse, NAD injections may be able to help. Have a conversation with your doctor to determine whether you’re a good candidate for treatment.

While some online sources advocate “at-home” or “DIY” treatments, injections should only be done under the care of a licensed physician to reduce the chance of infection.

Remember, NAD is not a cure-all. Though it does reduce withdrawal symptoms and increase energy levels, it’s only one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. A healthy support system is essential to recovery, so make sure to talk to your physician about your aftercare options.

If you think you could benefit from NAD therapy, please feel free to contact us. We would love to schedule a private phone call with you to discuss your road to recovery.